Sam Carter Gilliam

A performance artist and conference presenter, Sam Carter Gilliam offers tailor-made theatrical enrichments for churches, educational institutions and professional development. Presentations are custom-designed to target key ideas and themes.

She has developed a series of conceptual performances for professional development conferences. Integrating current brain research and educational implications, Sam also conducts workshops and master classes that target specific connections to the creative process for the artist, educator, and business professional. Her workshops include whole-brain strategies and the creative process in artistic and educational development, finding passion in one's professional calling, and storytelling.

Sam teaches master classes in creative process, movement, and acting. She performs several one woman shows: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, Emily Dickinson, Women of the Bible, and Chalk Dust: A Play about Teaching.


"Inspiring, exceptional. Sam's presentation communicated a message of
hope, and that change is possible and managable."

Richard Thomas, Executive Director,
School Administrator's Association of New York State

"Sam is an accomplished artist, clearly. Her performance was beautifully coherent."
Dr. Bernice McCarthy, President, About Learning, Inc., Wauconda, Illinois

Master Classes


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About Sam
A member of Actors' Equity Association, Sam performs two one-woman shows based on the lives and writings of Emily Dickinson and Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. Other performance presentations designed for educational and corporate conferences include

Gifts, a collection of prose, poetry, and dramatic interpretations which celebrates the gifts of our shared humanity

Passion Moves...Chaos and Creativity , an exploration of chaos and creativity through the eyes of culturally diverse writers and artists

Different Worlds, Many Truths, a thematic presentation of collected stories and characters, centered around communication and conflict resolution;

Inside...Out: Beyond Tolerance, diverse voices beckon us to respect diversity, embrace change, and empower transformation.

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