Movement Explorations

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Movement Explorations is designed to offer students a wide variety of movement experiences that contribute to life-long learning and well-being: mind/body awareness training;  stress-management and relaxation training; movement as a kinesthetic intelligence and modality of communication;  and movement as it applies to character development for the artist. Students will demonstrate basic understanding and working knowledge of a variety of movement systems as they apply to personal kinesthetic ability and movement for the performance artist.

METHODS:  Students will engage in multiple exercises and experiences designed to develop mind/body awareness, well-being, flexibility, and strength as a means to discover and develop personal kinesthetic intelligence, communication effectiveness, and style.

Introduction to Movement
     Course Expectations and syllabus

     Mind/Body orientation warm-ups

   Mind/Body Awareness: The Actor's Instrument
     Feldenkrais Mind/Body work and philosophy
     Yoga fundamentals for Mind/Body/Spirit

  Mind/Body Awareness and the Creative Process
    Free Play and the Power of Limits:  A Dynamic
    Tension between Opposites

  The Language of Human Behavior
     Field observation studies of human behavior
     through gesture/movement/sound within
     a social environment

   Written log of observations;
   Movement study of human subject;

 The Language of Art as Visual Gesture and Movement
      Exploring the Elements of Art in Visual
   and Kinesthetic Modalities

    Movement study: "Child's Play";

 The Language of Play and Limits
   Preparation for Movement Study Assignment

 The Language of Movement -- Rudolf Laban System
    Body Space: The Logical Form and Body Kinesphere
      Dimensional and Diagonal Scales

  The Flow of Movement and the Four Continuums
         Scale, Space, Time, Weight --  Laban System

  The Eight Basic Efforts -- Laban System
   Press, Flick, Wring, Dab
      Body Work:  Exercises and Improvisations

  The Eight Basic Efforts -- Laban System
   Slash, Glide, Thrust, Float
     Body Work:  Exercises and Improvisations

  Animal Behavior and Movement Observations
   Movement Study integrating
   animal observations and the Laban
   System Efforts;  Written log of observations
   and analysis;

 The Actor's Instrument:  Movement and Character
 The Actor's Body as an Instrument for Communication
   of Character:  Integrating Mind/Body/Voice
   Artworks as Text/Source for Character Explorations

 Diversity of "Text" for Character Work
      Sound/Rhythm/Music as Text/Source
      for Movement and Character Explorations

 Art as Text for Movement and Character
      Field Trip: Art Museum

             Movement Study/work-in-progress from chosen
             Artwork at McNay;  Written log of
             observations and analysis;

 "Museum Piece" Character Development Project
      Selection of Artwork for extended character project

  Dramatic Action and the World of the Painting:
    Explorations in Movement and Sound

   ASSIGNMENT:  Character Childhood Memory;
   Movement study/work-in-progress using
   Laban Efforts;

  Visual, Sensory, Movement Explorations in
    Character Development/Emotional Memory

   ASSIGNMENT:  Inanimate Object Analysis

 Exploration of Character and Movement through
  Inanimate Object:  Space Walk and Embodiment

   ASSIGNMENT:  Movement study of a daily task
   using Object and Laban Efforts;

 Movement Explorations and Abstraction:
  Enlargement, Exaggeration, Extension

   ASSIGNMENT:  "Letter to your Mother"
   Character Voice/Monologue: Desires/Obstacles;

 Incorporating Sound with Movement
   Character Voice:  Desires/Obstacles;  Secrets/Lies;

 Corsets, Collars, Bustles and Bows: Period Styles and Movement

 Vocal Explorations with Character and Movement

   ASSIGNMENT:  Original monologue;
    Movement study/work-in-progress integration with
    monologue/words as text;

 Monologue and Movement Studies: Works-in-Progress
   Work session in preparation for Final Exam Performance:
    Character Movement Study with Voice/Sound